Foxy | Commands


Comando Descrição
/error [Image] Create an error dialog box
/notstonks [Image] Create an image of the not stonks
/aboutme [Social] Set your profile about me
/rep [Social] Give reputation to a user
/bet [Economy] Bet your cakes
/girlfriend [Image] Who is your girlfriend?
/stonks [Image] Create an image of the stonks
/help [Utils] Shows the help message
/user [Utils] See informations about an user
/background [Economy] Change your profile background
/roblox [Utils] Commands related to Roblox
/cancel [Entertainment] Cancel someone
/fate [Entertainment] What is your fate with the person
/mask [Economy] Change your profile mask
/ask [Entertainment] Ask something to Foxy
/rps [Games] Play rock, paper or scissors with Foxy
/communism [Image] Create an image of the communism
/divorce [Social] Divorce your partner
/layout [Economy] Change your profile layout
/marry [Social] Marry your partner
/profile [Social] View your profile or another user profile
/anime [Utils] Searches for information about an anime
/language [Utils] Change the Foxy's language
/top [Utils] See the rank of cakes
/cakes Commands related with Foxy economy system
/daily [Economy] Receive your daily cakes
/coinflip [Games] Play heads or tails
/dbl [Utils] Vote Foxy on
/rate [Entertainment] Rate a waifu
/laranjo [Image] Create an image of the laranjo
/store [Economy] Buy items from the store
/server [Utils] Show the information about a server
/change [Economy] Change your profile background or avatar decoration
/valorant [VALORANT] Get VALORANT player stats and match history and more
/automod [Moderation] Commands relationed to AutoMod modules (AntiInvite, AutoRole...)
/pet [Economy] Buy a pet and take care of it
/bite [Roleplay] Bite someone
/hug [Roleplay] Hug someone
/kiss [Roleplay] Kiss someone
/laugh [Roleplay] * giggles *
/lick [Roleplay] Lick someone
/cry [Roleplay] * crying *
/dance [Roleplay] * grooving *
/smile [Roleplay] * smiling *
/tickle [Roleplay] tickle someone
/slap [Roleplay] Slaps someone
/pat [Roleplay] pat someone